Nails& London

Project Description

Initially called The Hand and Foot spa, Nails& London re-launched in late 2018 after an immense re-brand and name generation process. Our client wanted a fresh, current look, that would remain classic while being relatable to their loyal customer base.

We undertook a complete overhaul of the business which included logo and packaging design, consulting with the nail boutiques store fit outs, brand collateral as well as the website design and build with a completely custom and responsive booking system which links directly with Mind Body.

Work Completed

  • Branding
  • Packaging Design
  • Website Design & Development
  • Logo Design
  • Photography & Illustration
  • Booking System

Logo & branding

When designing the logo a serif typeface was chosen to portray luxury, sophistication and a sense of timelessness. We wanted to create a classic look that would also be current today.

This serif font was chosen due to the strength of the clean lines and bold curves which blurs masculine and feminine traits. When paired with Helvetica, a high-end, sophisticated look is further established.

The name ‘Nails&’ was generated with a playful juxtaposition in mind. The ampersand leaves the name open ended and elusive, but the visual representation is classic and concrete. This contrast successfully brings together tradition with modern creativity.

Displayed in a bold red primary colour, the logotype brings forth ideas of classic beauty icons of the past. Think bold rouge lips and sleek long nails, Audrey Hepburn, Vogue, Gucci and Chanel.

Illustration & photography

During the re-brand process we considered how photography and illustrations should be developed and how it should be applied to the brand.

The illustration style was created with simple black lines and only a splash of colour to be used as a highlight to specific products or services. The nail polish colours, the chair in which you sit to have your treatments done, manicured hands and feet, the skin care products, all these images help tell the story and highlight the Nail& experience.

The style successfully represents Nails& by being minimal, clean and classic. The style is un-stylized. Meaning it will remain timeless and will not date. Used sparingly throughout the website and brand collateral, the illustrations are used to reinforce the ethos of the brand and create a clear and recognisable identity.


Nail polish bottle design

The full logo was applied to the Nail polish bottle due to the recent name change of the brand. This was important as there needs to be a sense of name recognition before products can use Nails&’s brand mark in isolation.

The only other messaging on the face of the bottle is ‘7-FREE FORMUAR’, which highlights the fact that no toxic ingredients are in the polish.

The nail polish shape was changed from a rectangle to a square, with the top being the exact same dimensions as the bottom. This was a modern progression from the previous bottle design.

Booking system

Our client wanted a completely custom booking system that linked with MINDBODY. MINDBODY produces a standard template that most companies don’t try and adapt to their brand identity. But our client was set on ensuring her customers had a unique and un-interrupted visual experience when going through the booking journey.

Complex functionality challenges arouse and were overcome. MINDBODY has its own set of rules and limitations, so our team had to problem solve to find solutions to get the booking system to cater to all of the clients needs.

In the end we successfully developed a complex booking system with a beautiful UI design that mimics the rest of the brand, while being user friendly, responsive and completely functional to all appointment requirements.

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